Emergency aid for animals after the tropical storm Pabuk 

Our team is on the ground coordinating aid and treating animals

Floods and blackouts caused by Tropical Storm Pabuk have left nearly 30,000 people in evacuation shelters across southern Thailand. Pabuk, a once in three-decades weather system, packed winds of up to 75km (45 miles) an hour and brought heavy rains and storm surges as it lashed the entire south of the kingdom on Friday, downing power cables and causing widespread flooding.

 Our emergency team is on the way to save the suffering animals.

Helping animal helps people

In disaster, saving animals lives is important. We organize our experts for disaster management in Asia and Latin America. When the worst happens, our emergency teams will reach the affected areas urgently. To provide vet medical treatment for injured animals,vaccination, feeding or return pets to owners as much as possible. The more we saved these animals, the more we save the community. As poor people in many areas strongly relate with these animals as their earnings, food, vehicle and loyal friend.

Disaster may be inevitable but we can reduce risk.
We prepare the plan to reduce the risk once disaster happens by working with the government, animal welfare groups and local people in the disaster zone and risk areas. It’s not only to reduce the loss but it also reduces recovering expenses at 1:6.

  • Advanced warning system
  • Disaster training for communities such as evacuation drills
  • Preparing robust structure for as animals shelter in safe area
  • Preparing sufficient storage for food and water
  • Providing vaccination to prevent epidemic

Help animals affected by the disaster.

1,000 baht could buy a life-saving feed for 10 dog and cat 

5,000 baht could buy a life-saving feed for 50 animals (pig, cow, horse, donkey or buffalo) helping them survive the disaster 
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