Together we can protect animals in urgent need

Protecting animals starts with people just like you.

There are many more suffering animals that live in some areas. But because of your support We can help protect the animals.

To end the animal suffering. Help us protect animals all over the world

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1,000 baht / month
Save elephant from torture
It is for solar electrical fence expense in elephant resting area at night and improve surrounding environment according to elephants friendly venue. This will encourage elephants to have natural living without chain.
800 baht / month
Save bear and stop bear bile
It is for microchip implant and medicine for bears that are fed in Vietnam bear’s bile industrial. Microchip will be used to protect taking bears from forest to bear's bile industrial.
600 baht / month
Save disaster animals
It is for medicine, medical equipment and food for animals that got impact from disaster for 5 animals in 1 week.
500 baht / month
Save dog from mass dog culling
It is for Rabies vaccine, sterilization and collar for 5 dogs.
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